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The Gleave & Bryan Family Photo Shoot (in the rain…!)

Apr 13, 2017 | Family & Animal Photo Shoots

I would usually always rearrange a family photo shoot if there was heavy rain forecast for the entire day of the shoot, however, sometimes that just isn’t all that practical and the only way to beat the weather is to get creative instead!

The Gleave & Bryan Family Photo Shoot was one of those occasions! Booked in February for the first weekend in March the weather was always going to be a little bit hit and miss! However trying to arrange for 3 different families with their 6 collective children ranging in age from 1 to 18 was always going to be a little tricky. On top of that the whole shoot needed to be edited, a viewing appointment arranged, the favourite images decided upon, the favourite images have their final pre print edit, the images sent to my printer, collected and dropped off to my framer (who then framed them beautifully), picked up from him, packaged up and couriered back to the Gleaves for 3 and a half weeks time….. Rearranging the shoot due to a bit of rain was somewhat out of the question!

There were a few things in our favour though. Firstly I know Becky & Simon very well having done an Engagement shoot with them and shot their Wedding back in 2015, I then also did a family shoot with them last summer with their gorgeous little 6 month oldย son Tom and so I also know their home quite well. I knew they still had their barn which they had converted for their Wedding back in 2015 and that in the case of utter misery with the weather that would make a great alternative location, I also suggested bringing umbrellas, lots of umbrellas!

The weather was indeed absolutely miserable on the day in question and there was no other day in the next week or two where everyone could get together and as they say; the show must go on!!

I packed the car up with my studio lighting set up, camera bags and rain gear and hit the road. The barn as expected worked exceptionally well and complete with an industrial heater which Simon rigged up we all kept pretty warm and toasty throughout the shoot. The kids ran riot, the dogs thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and we managed to create a very different shoot to what I usually produce with some great images with a fantastic and very atmospheric location!

Nex up was to brave the great outdoors and unleash the umbrellas! It was nippy I have to admit but there was a wonderfully moody sky and we managed to get a very different set of images in the fields overlooking the gorgeous village of Audlem to those shot in the barn. All in all it was such a fun shoot, the kids were fantastic to work with, the adults had a great time with a glass or two of prosecco throughout and the framed prints were back and in their hands with a couple of days to spare before Simon, Clare and Jamie’s dad’s 70th and I do hope he treasures the images of his gorgeous family for a long time to come!

I hope you enjoy the selection of images below from their shoot and if you would like to book or enquire about your own Family Photo Shoot this year please get in touch via any of the links below.

Ciara x

PS. I promise I won’t make you do a shoot in the rain…..!

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