Vicky & Matt // A Couple & Horses Photo Shoot // Summer ’18

In Horse and Rider Photo Shoots by Ciara Doone Rush

As a bit of a throwback to the glory that was last Summer, I thought I would share a fabulous ‘Couple & Horses Photo Shoot’ with Vicky & Matt.

Having photographed Jenny & Lady at the same location the previous Summer this was a bit of a follow on shoot for Jenny’s Mum Vicky and partner Matt. It was a near perfect match weather wise and having opted for a similar evening shoot you could look at the images and think they were taken on the same day! This worked exceptionally well when choosing Vicky & Matt’s favourite images to match Jenny’s already hanging on the wall!

I was so saddened to find out a few weeks ago that Vicky and Matt lost their gorgeous horse Philly earlier in the year. She was such a gorgeous girl and a total poser when it came to her time on the photo shoot. I know she is being sorely missed and I’m just so glad we managed to get these images to treasure her forever with.

I hope you enjoy the images below, I’ve included a few of Jenny’s too from the previous Summer as they match in so beautifully!

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Until next time,

Ciara x

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