What To Wear On A Horse Photo Shoot + Style Guide

Apr 22, 2021 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

As Spring is in full swing, the hairdressers are open again (yay!) & horses coats are coming through beautifully I thought it might be a good time to do a bit of a deep dive into OUTFITS, WHAT TO WEAR for your Horse Photo Shoot & what to do about your HAIR & MAKEUP!

I know it can be a major source of anxiety for so many in the leadup to their Horse & Rider Photo Shoot & can make a big difference in terms of how comfortable & confident you then feel during your session. I’ve put together a brand new downloadable HORSE PHOTO SHOOT STYLE GUIDE too so I will be sharing that with you at the end of the blog which I’m super excited about!

It can be really tricky, deciding on what to wear for your Photo Shoot! So many options and how do you know what will look good? I always allow time for at least two outfit options on the day & I am always happy to help you decide what to wear, either beforehand or on the day. It is a big part of your pre shoot consultation, discussing your wardrobe and different options. If in doubt I always recommend filling your car or tackroom with options and I can help you sort through them on the day and work out what outfits will work best with your different location options.

Planning your Photo Shoot is the perfect time to get your wardrobe raid on and rediscover your favourite outfits! My number one piece of advice when trying to work out what to wear on your session is: Wear something you feel comfortable yet wonderful in!

The more comfortable you feel on the day of your Photo Shoot, the more confident you will feel in front of the camera. It can be a surprisingly tricky balance to find but if in doubt go for a wardrobe favourite rather than something you think might work but you don’t feel 100% comfortable in.

Layers are where it’s at if you’re looking for quick, easy changes throughout your shoot. It’s always nice to have some variety in your images and layers are great for that. (Also a highly practical way of planning for changeable temperatures and weather throughout your session!)

Here are a few of my favourite suggestions for different looks:

Smart Casual: 👚
-A favourite pair of jeans, a fitted shirt, ankle boots with options for a jumper and/or jacket for your layering options.
-A tweed skirt, smart tall boots, a favourite blouse and a jumper or jacket for layering options.
-A gorgeous fedora or casual hat can work really well for a smart/casual look too! 🎩

Here are a few of my favourite Smart/Casual Looks from previous Horse & Rider Photo Shoots 👇

Casual: 👖
-A pair of casual jeans or colourful trousers, a floaty top & your jodhpur boots.
-A casual Summer dress with pumps or boots (to keep the toes as safe as possible!)
-Great for kids: Shorts, a cute t-shirt & wellies!
-Hats, scarves, flower crowns are all great accessories for casual outfits! 🌺

Here are a few of my favourite Casual Looks from previous Horse & Rider Photo Shoots 👇

All Out! 👗
– Prom Dress, Ball Gown, Wedding Dress or something vintage like a Hunting habit.

And finally here are a few of my favourite ‘All Out Looks’ from previous Horse & Rider Photo Shoots 👇

Finally – a quick note on Jodhpurs! I get asked this a lot – to wear or not to wear jods on a Photo Shoot. This is entirely up to you and I think they can work equally well as a casual option if you have a smart pair and a nice polo shirt or similar on top. A full show outfit can also look really smart. However, if you look around your walls at home and you have tons of photos of you and your horse and you’re in jods in all of them then I would encourage you to use your Photo Shoot as an opportunity to create some different images and wear things you wouldn’t normally wear around your horse (even if they think it’s a little weird!) 🐴 If you do really want to wear your riding/show gear then absolutely go for it but I would recommend having more of a casual outfit as your second choice too.

My next blog is a deep dive into what to do with your Hair & Make up with some Top Tips from a professional hair & makeup artist so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime please enjoy the Style Guide & if you sign up for my Newsletter you can download a copy of it to keep forever! 🤗

I hope you find some inspiration for your own Photo Shoot in there!

Ciara x

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