Why you should book a Horse Photo Shoot

Jul 9, 2021 | Preparing for a Photo Shoot

My last few blog posts have focused on the logistics of booking a Photo Shoot, What to Wear & Where to Go. However, you might find yourself wondering not just HOW a Photo Shoot with your Horse works but WHY you should book a Horse Photo Shoot… I’ve put together a few of my top reasons why you should book one and asked some of my previous clients what they think as well…

It’s my job to take photos of people & their horses, families & their animals & sometimes simply horses on their own. And so it goes almost without saying that if you have a horse, I would love for you to book a Photo Shoot with me or even (shock horror another horse photographer if you’re not sure I’m the right one for you!) I want you to have memories to look back on fondly in the year to come and whilst I know booking a Photo Shoot isn’t always top of the ‘to do’ list, the only regret people ever have is from NOT getting around to booking one!

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind


Reason 01
There is never a Perfect Time! There is only now!

The painful truth of the matter is, we never know how long these beautiful creatures are going to be in our lives for. Thinking back to my childhood & teenage years when I was fortunate enough to have several horses, I can still remember the absolute heartbreak as ponies were rehomed, sold and moved onto new pastures. It’s a funny thing with horses – some you bond with pretty much instantly and even after a few weeks together, being separated can feel like utter torture. I’ve been there, I’ve shed so many tears over horses over the years and when I work with people who have that bond with their horse, I totally get it. My point being (before I get carried away and end up a teary mess over all this!) is that we just never know how long we have with these magnificent creatures. It breaks my heart when I hear people’s tales of regret for not having booked a Photo Shoot with their horse when they had the chance.

Whatever your concerns may be about booking a Photo Shoot, it’s my job to guide you through the experience, ensure it’s an enjoyable one and leave you with a collection of images that you might never have thought possible.

When is the last time you had professional photos taken? (If ever?)

Whilst we live in a snap-happy digital age, when is the last time you had professional photos taken of yourself and your loved ones? I believe it is so important to create beautiful images which will stand the test of time so they can be passed down to the next generation. You might hate the thought of standing awkwardly in front of a camera being told to smile but a professional Photo Shoot is a million miles away from this excruciating experience… Include your horse and the last thing you will be focusing on is the camera! Professional prints, ink and paper will then preserve your images so you can enjoy them for a lifetime and look back on these magical memories throughout the decades to come.

Naughty horses/cheeky children/people who dread having their Photo taken/the British weather/uninspiring locations/the list goes on…!

These are just a few of the things which can easily put you off booking a Photo Shoot. Don’t let them! I’ve been there and seen it all! Trust me! Having been a professional photographer for 10 years and with a lifetime of experience around horses, you are guaranteed some gorgeous images whatever the challenge on the day! I have a raft of tried and tested distractions, tricks & ways of working with both people and animals which allow for natural moments to unfold and precious memories to be captured.

I have had the most camera shy clients fall in love with photographs of themselves and their horses despite being utterly convinced they would hate every single one.

I have worked with the naughtiest of horses who have tried everything imaginable to sabotage their photo shoot but they still end up looking gorgeous in so many of their shots and the resulting outtakes from these shoots are always a winner!

When it comes to children, I’ve had toddler tantrums in the middle of shoots, the cheekiest of kids and the moodiest of teens but a little bit of patience, creativity and the odd bit of bribery we always get there in the end and when it comes to the weather, flexibility is the key!

Luckily patience comes to me in abundance when I pick up my camera (I wish it came so easily in other parts of my life!) and I do love a good challenge!

Your relationship with your Horse deserves to be celebrated!

You may have a drawer full of show photos or a phone full of snaps but does that really capture your unique bond with your Horse? A Photo Shoot is a fantastic opportunity to create some truly special memories for you to treasure forever!

I strongly believe the magic of a great photograph lies in the natural moments between you and your horse. Whilst it may look effortless on the resulting images there is an art to creating a space in which you can totally relax with your horse and allow these precious moments to unfold. It goes something like this, I will always help you find the best locations and most beautiful light for your photos. I will help you figure out what to do with your hands (seriously why do they always feel so awkward when a camera is pointed towards you?!) and other limbs so you can feel as comfortable and confident as possible. We then wait, bribe or distract for ears and as I get busy with the shutter button, you cuddle in and show your horse all the love!

It’s a date day for you & your horse!

When is the last time you spent a quality morning or evening with your horse without the pressure of schooling or competing? It’s a chance for you to both get dressed up, spend some quality time together & have a cuddle or two while you’re at it! 

I don’t think this needs any further explaining! What could be better than a date day with your horse?!

Children grow up so fast!

Those years of carefree pony obsession don’t last long! Long Summer evenings spent riding around the fields bareback, building hay bale jumps and having hosepipe fights at any opportunity are the best rights of passage a pony-obsessed kid can hope for! These are precious years and pass all too fast – capturing your kids and their ponies ensures you can relive these memories with a simple glance at your wall or the flick of a page.


I recently asked some of my previous clients what their reasons for booking a Photo Shoot were and these are some of the responses:


“The quality of my beautiful photos reflects the truly outstanding experience and service from Ciara. From the initial consultation to the shoot to the viewing everything was easy and fun. Having the perfect photos made parting with my pony of a lifetime easier. I cannot thank or praise her enough.” Rhiannon

We’re back to reason 01 but in the words of my client Caroline. (I can definitely relate to this on a personal level too.)

“Having keepsakes – I have had a number of horses over my lifetime that I wish I had professional photographs of to remember them by.”

“Honestly, absolutely blown away with my experience! If you want to capture memories this is the way to do it. I hate my photo being taken but Ciara made me love the couple of hours photoshoot with my horse so much. Don’t put off something you may wish you had done.” Sara

You deserve a treat!

It’s been a tough year and a bit to say the least. Give yourself something to look forward to and capture some happy memories of your nearest and dearest as a reminder & to celebrate what’s truly important. ❤️

a family, horse and dog photo shoot

As I mentioned at the beginning, booking a Photo Shoot with or of your Horse, with me or another photographer is something you won’t regret. It’s an investment that will only ever increase in value as time passes, horses move on and kids grow up.

I get it. Having a Photo Shoot isn’t top of your priority list. But please don’t wait until it’s too late. Every season has photo-worthy qualities and no matter what the challenges may be, special photographs are a guarantee!

If you have any other very good reasons as to why you should book a Horse Photo Shoot please do comment below!

Until next time,

Ciara x

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