Working with Chloe & Spirit // Part 1: July 2017

Oct 28, 2018 | Horse and Rider Photo Shoots

If you haven’t heard of Chloe & Spirit then I suggest you head over to their pretty phenomenal Instagram account to check them out. I came across them a few years ago and did what nearly 275,000 other people also do and started following them on Instagram!

We eventually got chatting and decided to do a bit of a collaborative test shoot the next time I was back in my hometown of Cork where Chloe also lives. Little did I know this would turn into a rather awesome photo shoot!

With my little brother (a budding filmmaker in tow) I embarked on a crazy day of whizzing around the County of Cork and squeezed in this magical shoot with Chloe between two different client shoots. I think my brother thought I had lost the plot we did that much driving and sprinting around locations with kilos of cameras hanging off us…

As we had limited time on our hands and the weather was forecast to be somewhat unpredictable we ended up deciding on a location very last minute and where the weather looked most promising. Chloe knew of an abandoned quarry which she use to hack around and so we met there and after a quick reckie which involved scaling a massive gate we decided it would be perfect and found a spot where we could get the horses in (not over the massive gate we had just scaled!)

The quarry was quite an incredible location, so different from where I usually do photo shoots and the weather literally could not have been kinder to us. Considering we were shooting in the middle of the day which I usually avoid like the plague due to the harshness it was simply perfect.

We made for an interesting lot heading into this abandoned quarry…. Chloe rode her 2* Eventer Benny into the quarry bareback and sidesaddle whilst leading Spirit her 14.2 Dun Connemara whilst myself and Ben my brother lugged our gear in and Millie, Chloe’s mad lab ran circles around us all!

The shoot was epic! The two horses behaved impeccably, Spirit pulled all his tricks out of the bag and the results surpassed all my expectations especially given that at 11am that morning we still weren’t sure if the shoot was going to happen or not!

It also turns out that my little brother also makes an excellent film maker/photography assistant/horse handler and do all of the above at once! In the midst of juggling all of that he also managed to invent the ‘quad-pod’ which is when you don’t have a tripod to hand but do have a very affable and good natured 2* eventer who’s backside can be used to rest the camera on…

It had been fantastic to meet Chloe and get to work with her and her talented horses and that shoot has paved the way for more shoots this year and hopefully some exciting future projects as well!

I hope you enjoy the selection of images below and stay tuned for part 2 of this blog coming later in the week…!

Until then,

Ciara x

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And I had to include these few outtakes as well…..!





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