World Photography Day

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As today, the 19th of August is World Photography Day I thought I would take the time to have a browse through my work from the past few years and choose some of my favourites! It’s been a difficult task I have to admit not to bombard you with hundreds of photographs! There is a complete mixture of photographs here from ones which have won awards for me to ones which represent certain stages of my career and ones that I just love.

It’s a great thing to do every so often to take stock and look back on what a wonderful journey the past few years have been. Becoming a photographer was not the initial plan with my working life to be completely honest but through many choices I made, it became somewhat inevitable and I couldn’t be more grateful for my career and life as a photographer these days. I feel truly blessed to be able to get out of bed each morning and genuinely look forward to my working day ahead. I love working with such wonderful people and beautiful animals every day and creating images which I know will be treasured as we all get older and will hopefully be passed down to the generations to come.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far and of course Happy World Photography day to you all out there!

Ciara x_ACK5483 _DR_0370-Edit-2 _DR_0509 _DR_0948-Edit

A portrait shoot in Cheshire with Katie and her Dutch Warmblood Mare

_DR_1586 _DR_2429-Edit _DR_2503 _DR_2694 _DR_2783 _DR_3299 _DR_3499 _DR_4101 _DR_4602 _DR_5109 _DR_6028-Edit-Edit _DR_6261-Edit-Edit-Edit _DR_7228Wedding in North Wales

Charles Stanley British Masters International Showjumping


Portrait shoot of girl and her horses on the Wirral

Portrait shoot of girl and her horses on the Wirral

_DR_9509-Edit _DR_9562-Edit-Edit-2 _DR_9780-Edit _DR_9956-Edit-Edit _MG_0033-Edit _MG_0417-Edit _MG_0530 _MG_0666 _MG_1078 _MG_1356 _MG_1952-Edit _MG_2181 _MG_2945-Edit _MG_3082 _MG_3502 _MG_3740 _MG_3745 _MG_3836-Edit _MG_3899 _MG_4124 _MG_4195-Edit-2 _MG_4244-Edit-2 _MG_4375 _MG_4845 _MG_5148-Edit _MG_5320-Edit _MG_5745 _MG_5954-2 _MG_6509 _MG_6705 _MG_7012 _MG_7140 _MG_7256 _MG_7274 _MG_7426 _MG_7599-Edit-Edit

Portrait Shoot

Portrait Shoot

Caroline & Troy's Portrait Shoot in the Cotswolds _MG_8660 _MG_8721-Edit _MG_8791-Edit _MG_8887 _MG_9093 _MG_9254 _MG_9307 _MG_9348 _MG_9446-Edit _MG_9583 _MG_9623 _MG_9644 Adams-57 AK7A3879 IMG_1887 copy

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